A General’s Winter Wonderland

My first wintry day at Washington and Lee… WOW.

Being from Ohio, I am used to relatively snowy and cold winter seasons, so when I travelled to Virginia for college, I was not sure what to expect when the temperature began to cool down. Many native Virginians told me that there was usually one or two days of snowfall per year, but a winter wonderland was not too common. Of course, I was a bit upset to hear this because I grew up associating white grounds and snow angels with winter. At the beginning of the Fall, I assumed that I would not see snow until I returned home to Ohio for winter break.

However, my worries proved to be irrelevant, as Lexington never fails to disappoint! On a weekend morning before the start of exam week, we woke up to a beautiful layer of white powder on the ground that was so serene and magical that everyone seemed to hop out of bed and soak up our campus’s beauty in the snow. People walked around in the snow, there were a few snowman attempts, and the whole campus suddenly lit up with pre-Christmas joy! Mother Nature sure knows how to de-stress a college campus right before exam week.

The snow didn’t last long, but I am very excited to return to campus in January in hopes of having more days like this!

Scroll through some shots that I snapped while reveling in this winter wonderland.


The decorations on campus spread holiday joy even when there isn’t snow on the ground.IMG_5573IMG_5567

The white snow brings out the beautiful red bricks of the Colonnade in the best way!IMG_5575

Lee Chapel looks absolutely wonderful adorned with white powder.



Thanks for reading! I hope everyone has a bright and merry holiday season this year.

xo Bridget

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