Glamorous Greenhouses

Winter is upon us, and what better way to end the fall season than by visiting a greenhouse?

Coming home from college, the first place I visited was Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, a.k.a. my favorite place. The gardens are beautiful all year-round, making it an optimal day trip any time of year! But I have to say, I am very much looking forward to visiting again before Christmas because they decorate the estate for the holiday season, complete with a Christmas light display! It has always been a family tradition to take a trip to Stan Hywet Hall in the winter to get the whole family in the Christmas spirit, and somehow, it never gets old. The house is gorgeous and the grounds are all the more breathtaking. Visit their website here to plan your visit next time you stop by Northeast Ohio! You won’t be disappointed.

Whenever I visit, no matter the time of year, I love to just sit in the greenhouse and look at the plants (especially the cacti!!). Here are some shots that we snapped during our most recent excursion:IMG_5328IMG_5332IMG_5379IMG_5384IMG_5387IMG_5398IMG_5427

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xo Bridget

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