Leaves and Loving Fall


We are right at the peak of Autumn beauty here in Lexington! What better way to celebrate than by dressing like the leaves and spending time outside?! Fall is my favorite season; it always has been. I love the colors, the scents, the FOOD, and the fashion that accompanies it. Also, Fall means Halloween and Thanksgiving season! I think the only thing that would make Fall better would be if Christmas fell into its time frame.

Although it was sad to put away most of my sundresses and bikinis, I am super excited to wear pieces like this printed bomber! (I wish I could add a link to it, but I bought it in a boutique in Spain so I have had trouble finding it online… here are some similar jackets, though!) Fall is a great time to try out new trends and play with layering before it really starts to cool down in the winter. What is your favorite layering piece for Fall?


Check out my girl @els.peth’s  post on her blog https://theelspethinfluence.weebly.com!


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