College Dorm Decor!


IMG_4371One of my favorite parts of the college preparation process was definitely deciding on my decorations and theme for my dorm room. I had so much fun searching around my town for picture frames, school supplies, and, my personal favorite, throw pillows! I went back and forth for quite a while on what I wanted my theme to be for my dorm; I wanted something happy and bright, yet also simple. After arguably too much contemplation, I chose to go for a “bohemian chic” vibe. I am absolutely LOVING IT!! My central theme was pineapples, so I naturally purchased what seemed like 50 different pineapple decorations, only to realize that my dorm room would not have enough space for all of them. I brought all of the decorations that would fit into our car and headed down to Lexington, VA to make my visions a reality. Here are some shots of the finished product and my favorite aspects of my room:



Buying decorations for college revealed my obsession with throw pillows. I mean, how cute are they?!

Shop my Palm Leaf pillow here!



Not only are they functional, but they also make a dull corner suddenly bursting with character!

Shop cork boards here!



From paintings, to tapestries, to pineapple shaped purse holders, you can’t go wrong with cute wall decor! It gives your room its own personality!



I love my calendar; it helps me so much to have it right in front of me when I am doing work so that I don’t forget to attend a meeting or practice!

Shop desk calendars here!



Because seeing these photos makes me so happy!



First of all, I think my cactus and orchid are ADORABLE. Also, it is rewarding to have the responsibility to care for another living thing. Cacti are especially easy to care for!


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