Hiking Becomes A Habit?

I have been in college for just over a month now, and I must say… Virginia is a GORGEOUS state! Every time I step outside, whether I am hiking up to the summit of a mountain or even venturing over to the library to study, I am astonished by the views. There are countless hiking opportunities here, all with beautiful scenery that makes the trek totally worth it! Here are some moments from my first hike as a college student and (sort of) Virginian. This hike is referred to as Big House Mountain– it was quite a strenuous journey to the top, but when we reached the top, all of my fatigue immediately subsided. Like WOW. The photos don’t do it justice. Since I have been here, I have embarked on a few other hikes that have been as awesome as this one, hence the title of this post. I forsee many hikes in my near future and I am more than exited!

I look forward to sharing my future Virginia adventures with you all!


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xo Bridget

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