How to Prepare for College Move-In Day: The Countdown Begins

After the past year of filling out applications, writing essays, visiting countless campuses and a lot of wondering, the time is finally coming. I leave for college in just over a week. At last, the excitement that I have had all summer is becoming a reality.

From the time that I was a middle schooler, I spent time dreaming of my college dorm room and possible decorations I would want to purchase to make it reflect my personality (what else would I do during dodgeball games in gym class?). When I started my freshman year of high school, I decided I would begin a list of things to pack for college that included anything from storage containers to vitamins. Obviously, the list’s content has changed very greatly, but there are several aspects of it that still remain!

As you can now see, I have been excited for college for a LONG time now. I have loved shopping around, going on adventures to IKEA (I may or may not have driven 2 hours to go here) and Target to find different necessities. Since it is now crunch time, I thought I’d take you on my packing journey, hopefully giving a few helpful tips along the way!


My duvet cover was the first thing that I specifically searched for when it came to room decor since I wanted to attempt to have a coherent theme to my room. I spent most of my senior year of high school searching the internet for cute duvet covers, but I never seemed to find “the one.” Finally, in May, I discovered this duvet cover (it only seems to be available in purple now) and fell in love with it! After the excitement that was finding this vital piece of my dorm, I promptly searched high and low for the perfect throw pillows. I was not disappointed!


After finding my bedding, it became much easier to search for other decorations and supplies for my room since I had an idea of what my theme was going to be. The rest of my decorations basically follow the color scheme that my pillows create: pink, olive green, and navy. The vibe I went for was bohemian chic, with lots of pineapples (people need to feel welcome in my room, right?) 😉 How did I land on this theme, you ask? Honestly, I just went for pieces that appealed to me and took it from there! I didn’t go into my shopping with specific things in mind, just broad ideas (I highly recommend using Pinterest to spark some inspiration if you are having trouble). I can’t wait until I actually move into my dorm and can show you the finished product!


I’ve been told on countless occasions that you can never have too much storage. However, I have never actually been inside of my dorm yet, so I don’t know exactly how much space I will have for storage containers! I have purchased storage drawer containers like these to put under my bed, along with smaller containers for miscellaneous items, but my plan is to buy the majority of my extra storage units after I move in!


Aside from the obvious things like your cell phone and laptop, there are a few other technological items that seem to be useful at college. They are as follows: power strips, extension cords, and of course an EXTRA LONG phone charger. I purchased all of these things on my trip to IKEA.


Though the dorm rooms have overhead lights, there will be times that you will want a less powerful light source. So, next on my list of things to purchase was none other than a desk lamp. I don’t know why, but apparently I am very picky when it comes to lamps, because it took me ages to find one that I liked. I finally landed on a white desk lamp with gold accents: nice and simple. Along with the desk lamp, I am hoping to purchase a floor lamp as well, but I am going to wait until I see how much space I have in my room before I get one.


Some other things I have purchased along the way include:

Small broom and dustpan, iron, mesh shower caddy, plastic silverware, water glasses, water filter, lint roller, umbrella, mini tool kit, mini sewing kit, reed diffusers, calendar and agenda, etc.


Now that I have essentially everything that I will need, I need to start planning out how I am going to get everything organized for fitting in the car! This is the current schedule:

Thursday: Bedding

Friday: Decorations

Saturday: Electronics/ Lighting

Sunday: Toiletries/ Makeup

Monday: Miscellaneous

Tuesday: Clothes (part 1)

Wednesday: Clothes (part 2)

Thursday and Friday are going to be designated “packing the car” days!

Thanks for reading! I hope this post sparked excitement and new ideas like it did for me 🙂

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