Dominican Republic Outfit Ideas

¡Hola! Currently celebrating that summer is fully underway. It has been so nice and sunny lately and I have been loving the seasonal flowers, food and adventures. In honor of summer I thought I would share my adventures from my recent trip to the Dominican Republic. It was a whirlwind trip that I was sad to see end!

IMG_3380We stayed at an all inclusive resort right on the coast of Punta Cana. The property was absolutely beautiful, with palm trees, ocean air, and smiles galore! I never encountered a worker that failed to greet me with an “hola” or ask me if I needed anything at all. Along with the friendly workers, the hotel also had a great food scene! There were countless buffets (breakfast was my favorite meal) and several themed restaurants! One night, we even went to a hibachi restaurant where the chef cooked our meal right in front of us!

The nights that we went to the fancier themed restaurants there was a bit of a dress code, which meant taking the opportunity to dress up and embrace the chance to change out of our swimsuits! I wanted to share a few of my outfits with you all:

Outfit #1: Late-Night Lilly

This is the most casual of the outfits that I wore in Punta Cana. But nonetheless, it met the dress code and the shorts definitely made it easy to dance at the disco 😉

I began my outfit with these adorable Lilly Pulitzer shorts and then popped on this basic black tank to keep the focus on the bottom half of the look. These wedges have been my go-to’s lately; they are so cute, versatile and incredibly comfortable!



Shop similar shorts here: Lilly Pulitzer

Outfit #2: Banana Mama

When in the Dominican Republic, it only makes sense to totally embrace the tropical vibes and wear bright orange flower printed pants, right?! I had so much fun with this look. The flowy pants were so comfortable, but yet so stylish even though it was a wild print. Traveling gives the perfect opportunity to test out styles and take fashion risks. I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone this summer (whether you are on vacation or not) and try out a loud print sometime. It doesn’t have to be to the extent of a fully printed pant; you can start out with a headband or blouse. You’ll surprised to see how free you feel, adding a little extra color!


Shop similar pants here: Lilly Pulitzer

Outfit #3: Jaunty Jumpsuit

My logic this summer has been “when in doubt, a jumpsuit is always a good idea.” What a great invention the jumpsuit was! Like a dress, the whole outfit is in one piece, yet the pant aspect gives it some added sass and versatility! Now we can dance without worry. I highly recommend this look for anyone!


Shop jumpsuits: LuLu’s

The trip was so fun; I wish I could go back to re-live it! After reflecting on the trip, I think one of my favorite parts was that I could put my high school Spanish education to the test in real, candid conversations. I love being able to communicate with non-English speakers. In my opinion, language is something that is super important, and gets increasingly more so as time goes on!             xo Bridget



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